Our Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

Lake Tahoe Unified School District is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children's social, psychological and physical health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity and by providing support services and educational programs to students and their families. Therefore, the Board of Education has adopted the following goals relating to student wellness:

  • All students in grades K-12 will have opportunities, support, and encouragement to be physically active on a regular basis.
  • All schools in our district shall offer breakfast and lunch during the school day.
  • All foods and beverages made available on campus during the school day or during a school sponsored trip away from campus will meet or exceed the nutrition recommendations of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, and Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards.
  • The school food service program will provide students with access to affordable, nutritious foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.
  • The district shall provide clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time for students to eat.
  • All schools in our district will participate in available federal school meal programs, including the School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program.
  • All schools in our district shall provide nutrition education and physical education to foster lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity.
  • The district will implement and continually monitor the adopted School Safety Plan and will provide a wide range of support services and preventative and educational programs to students and their families.
  • One of our goals is to share the message of nutrition and wellness via our department's Web site that emphasizes the importance of nutrition AND fitness. Our site provides information on the nutrition and fitness for teachers, parents, and students, as well as, a variety of learning tools.


Key Areas of our Wellness Policy

Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. Key areas include:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.